Thursday, February 21, 2013

This Blog Has Moved

If you've been checking this page and wondering why there haven't been any updates lately, it's because the blog has moved and er, I sorta forgot to post the new addy (lame me, I know).

You can find my updates at

See you there!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Movie Update

Sorry for the delay in posting this news, but with the busy time of year, I'm just getting to blogging about this. Last week, the Hollywood Reporter posted this article titled, "'Game of Thrones" Editor to Adapt Paramount's 'The False Prince.'"

The editor they speak of is Bryan Cogman, an executive story editor for HBO's Game of Thrones series. Bryan is a Juilliard-trained actor and very talented writer who has written two of the show's episodes and works on set throughout the filming. I could not be happier to have him working on the screenplay.

It's also thrilling just because Bryan has worked on Game of Thrones. The False Prince has often been called "A Game of Thrones for kids." Although the stories certainly have their differences, both series' are interwoven with court intrigue, spies, wars and rumors of war, lies, betrayal, and witty characters. Bryan Cogman is a perfect choice to bring that wonderful flavor into The False Prince screenplay.

Finally, it is the greatest of honors to have The False Prince associated with Paramount Pictures. My many thanks to producer Deborah Forte of Scholastic Media who has done so much for this book's journey to film.

But I do need to answer a few questions...

1. Is a movie for certain?

Until the popcorn is in your hand and you have your seat in the theater, nothing is certain. So this is a great step forward, but only one step. Keep your fingers crossed that it moves to the next!

2. Has the movie been cast?

No, but I would love to hear your suggestions for any cast members, if you have them. I do have a few of my own ideas, but I'm not revealing them yet!

3. Will you let me know when they're casting, so I can audition?

Sure! How cool would it be if that worked out? Would you still talk to me if you became famous?

4. What can I do to help?

Um, at this point, unless you are very good friends with any higher ups at Paramount, you can wait along with me, hoping for more news to come soon! But be patient - this is a long process and it takes time!

I will keep you updated when I know more!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Signed Holiday Books!

I've had several inquiries recently from people who want signed copies of THE FALSE PRINCE for the holidays to give their son, daughter, sibling, best friend, teacher, great-grandmother, mailman...okay, not so much on the last two, but you get the idea.

For the record, I think it's about the best gift that anyone could give anyone, except maybe a ticket on the first commercial flight into space. However, my idea is cheaper. Also, this week, the New York Times named THE FALSE PRINCE one of its Notable Books of 2012. (Woo-hoo!) I'm pretty sure they didn't have anything to say about commercial space flight.

Anyway, a great and easy opportunity to get a signed copy is happening this week.

This Thursday (Dec 6) from 5 to 7 MST, I will be at my wonderful local indie, The King's English, in Salt Lake City. If you want to order a book online before then, they will have me sign and personalize it that night, then ship it out directly to you. Just like that, easy peasy!

Signed book. And you don't even have to leave the couch.

In fact, click here and it'll take you directly to their page for THE FALSE PRINCE.

You should also know there will be several other fabulous authors for signing there that night, including James Dashner, author of THE MAZE RUNNER series and Book 1 of the coolest multi-platform series ever to hit the shelves, THE INFINITY RING (Okay, I admit to a small self-interest in mentioning that last one. But it really is a cool series!).

If you're a local type, you should come and get your books signed in person. meet a lot of other wonderful authors, and enjoy some Christmas hors d'oeuvres. All books purchased at that event are 20% off. You can learn more about their holiday party event here.

Last but certainly not least, no matter what the title, please make sure every child you are buying for gets a book this holiday season. And when you buy, support your local indie. Because they support authors and opportunities like this one.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Many Thanks to Readers!

There's been some great news for THE FALSE PRINCE this week, and I owe a big thanks to each of you.

First, is that THE FALSE PRINCE has made it into the FINALS for Goodreads' Best of 2012 Middle Grade list. The other books on the list are ones I personally love or ones which I'm dying to read, and I'm sure the same is true for you. But..if you are on Goodreads and feel like voting for FALSE PRINCE, I would be very, very grateful! The link is here:'s

Second, is that THE FALSE PRINCE has been named to the list of Best Books of 2012 by Publisher's Weekly. It is also on the list for the New York Public LIbrary's 100 Titles for Reading and Sharing, and has made the Lonestar Reading List in Texas. These are all great honors, and I'm very proud to have my book there.

And finally, my thanks to those who share the book with your students, friends, and family. Who choose it for reading clubs, book talk it, blog about it, or leave kind reviews and ratings. And to those who spread word about the book online and in person, there are some notes that I see and a lot that I miss. But I always, always appreciate it.

Again, if you liked THE FALSE PRINCE, please vote for it on Goodreads with the link above. And know that I send you my deepest gratitude!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Things Kids Say

I LOVE getting fan letters from readers. To those who have sent them, please know that I read them, and even if it takes me a while, I will always try to respond.

Equally fun are the thank you letters that teachers sometimes make their students write after I've visited their classes. I visited with some 4th graders recently. Here are some of my favorite comments (with my obligatory snarky response in parentheses after).

From TP: "Thank you for reading some of The False Prince. I thought it was boring, but now I want to read it." (Well, at least he added that last part!)

From SH: "I'm going to get the book at the library, then I will buy it." (Both? May I introduce you to my other books...)

From TM: "I liked your visit. Can you send a book of The False Prince to - his address here -? (Sure thing! But first, can you send your mom's wallet to me at - my address here - ?)

From JO: "I think you should make more books because I bet 1,000,000,000% your books are good." (The crossed out zeroes were her doing. I think she might've been hedging her bets.)

From SW: "I've got lots of ideas for books, yet I already know they won't get published." (Welcome to the life of a writer, SW.)

From PB: Okay, it's not what she wrote that was funny, it's that her accompanying illustration is of The Hunger Games. Sorta makes me wish I'd written that one. For a whole lotta reasons...

From ML: "I hope you make so many more books that they will not have room for others." (A total monopoly on all published books? I dunno - Rick Riordan might already have that one covered!)

From KW: "I really, really like your book, but I can't believe how long it is." (I get paid by the word, KW.)

From MG: "I want to read The False Prince, but I live too far from the library." (MG, may I introduce you to

From JS: "You are cool and just plain awesome. You should be famous." (Ah, in a perfect world...)

From BW: "I liked it when you read us part of The False Prince. I felt like I was in a dream." (Were you the kid who fell asleep during my presentation?)

From SN: "The False Prince sounds really exciting and mysterious. P.S. If you think I'm lying about that exciting part, I'm not. (Okay, but what about the mysterious part?)

From TR: "I think The False Prince would be a good book." (Me too! In fact, that's why I wrote it!)

From JL: "I think of you as an inspiration." (Me too! Can you tell my kids that?)

From RC: "I'll bet you $1,000,000,000,000 that your books will be a huge success!" (RC, when I have that much money to gamble, then I believe you will have won your bet.)

From CH: "I love The False Prince! P.S. What does False mean?" (It means you're not quite ready to read this book. Maybe next year?)

From BB: "I love your sarcasm. You are hilarious!" (Are you still thinking that after this snarky post?)

From BT: "I hope everybody reads your books and likes um. I hope nobody hates your books." (Well, there was this one reviewer...)

From IR: "Thank you for coming to our school to waste time of your day." (Thank you for coming to my presentation to waste time from your education!)

From RL: "I was going to be an author, but now I'm going to be a hairdresser." (At least my visit helped one aspiring author!)

From RM: "I like you. You are nice and beautiful." (Sorry RM, I'm taken, but I do know a cute 4th grader who wants to be a hairdresser one day!)

From CP: "I really like your book. Thanks, it really helped me." (So you're also caught up in a plot where it's either treason or death? I hope Sage's example was helpful for you!)

From SW: "I'm moving soon but I hope they have a bookstore there with your book in it. Or if not, at least if they have other books. You made me notice that writing is hard. But that won't stop me from writing a new The Lord of the Rings series. It will be awesome." (Yes, but call it The Lord of the Golden Circles, so nobody will suspect the similarities.)

If you made it this far into the post, don't forget to enter for a chance to win an ARC of Book 2, THE RUNAWAY KING (scroll down in posts until you find it). It's the first giveaway of this ARC, and very few advance copies will be available, so grab your chance.) The contest ends Saturday!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Two "Best of" Nods for THE FALSE PRINCE!

Okay, so wow - what a week!

Goodreads released its nominations for Best Books of 2012, and THE FALSE PRINCE found a place in their Best Middle Grade and Children's list! It is a great honor to be there, especially amongst such greats as Rick Riordan's two latest releases, more than a few books often mentioned as Newbery candidates, the final ARTEMIS FOWL book, and Brandon Mull's fantastic series, THE BEYONDERS.

However, if you are a Goodreads member and feel like voting for THE FALSE PRINCE, I probably wouldn't object! (Okay, I would actually very much appreciate it!) You can vote here. Voting in the opening round will continue until Sat, Nov 10.

Publishers WeeklyAnd then on Friday, Publishers Weekly released its own Best Books of 2012, and THE FALSE PRINCE was also included on the Children's Fiction list. To be listed with authors such as R.L. LaFevers, Maggie Stiefvater, Lois Lowry, Libba Bray, and Kristin Cashore is absolutely amazing.

My sincerest thanks to Goodreads for the nomination and to Publishers Weekly for the inclusion on their list.

And I won't even tell about a conversation I had this week..

No seriously, I won't. If I do, they'll find me... J

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fantastic Fan Art

This was sent to me over the summer by an amazing young artist named Milah C. Those of you who are familiar with THE FALSE PRINCE will undoubtedly recognize the characters in her art. (Sorry for the folds in the paper.)

Many thanks for sharing your talents with me, Milah! For this, I am a fan of yours.

To other student artists out there, if you ever want to share your fan art of my books, I'd love to see it, whether or not you wish for me to post it here!