Monday, April 23, 2012

Spanish and Catalan Covers!

I'm excited today to be able to reveal two more foreign publisher covers for The False Prince!

This first cover is for the Spanish version, titled El falso príncipe. The publisher is Alfaguara, and should be available on May 23, 2012! The Goodreads link is here, or you can see just the cover below.

The second cover is for the Catalán version (Catalán is a language spoken in regions of France, Italy, and Spain, and is the official language of the country of Andorra, a small country bordered by Spain and France - thank you Wikipedia!), and I think this is released in the same week as the Spanish version. I don't have a Goodreads link, but did find this article here talking about it. This cover sort of blends the original US with the Spanish version. 

If you have Spanish or Catalán speaking friends, please feel feel free to share with them this link! It all works toward my secret (well, admittedly, less secret now) master plan to sell well enough that a trip overseas becomes mandatory!


Liyana said...

Lovely covers! The red looks delicious. #eyecandy

Cynthia Levinson said...

There is something Ferdinand-and-Isabella-looking about the covers, especially the red one.

Tara Dairman said...

So Spanish speakers like red, and Catalan speakers prefer blue. Got it. =)

Very cool--congrats, Jen!

Jen said...

Cynthia, I love the Ferdinand and Isabella comparison - I think you're spot on. And thanks Liyana and Tara! I'm pretty excited for these to release!

Leslie Pugh said...

Gorgeous covers! What a thrill it must be to have your book go out to other countries.