Monday, March 5, 2012

Launch Party Invite!

If you are in the northern Utah area (or feel like getting yourself to the northern Utah area), then please come to a launch party for the highly anticipated release of THE FALSE PRINCE.

It will be held at Wasatch Fencing
353 Market Street
Kaysville, UT

Monday March 26 at 7 pm

There will be food, giveaways for Hunger Games movie items, and some fun fencing demonstrations. Then if you want, you can try your own hand at fencing too! And of course, if you feel like picking up a copy of either the final Elliot book, ELLIOT AND THE LAST UNDERWORLD WAR, or the first book in the Ascendance trilogy, THE FALSE PRINCE, then that's great too!

If you plan to fence, please wear tennis shoes and sweats (easier to move in, and sweat pants don't have belt hooks or pockets that can snag the swords). Minors need a signed parent consent form.

This is a free event, and I would love it if you shared this invitation with friends and family!

THE FALSE PRINCE is the story of a defiant orphan named Sage, who becomes caught up in a contest where he must either impersonate the missing prince or be killed. This book has received great reviews and is already receiving comparisons to Megan Whalen Turner's Queens' Thief series and Hunger Games!

ELLIOT AND THE LAST UNDERWORLD WAR is the final battle between Elliot and the good creatures of the Underworld versus Kovol the Demon and the creatures who are out for revenge, and who plan to destroy planet earth. Rude, huh?

If you'd like signed copies of these books but cannot make it to the launch, please click on the link above and King's English Bookstore will send you out a personalized autographed copy.


Sharron said...

Sent your link off to my granddaughter who lives in Salt Lake City. Not sure where Kaysville is in relation, but even if she can't make it, she writes and this is a great blog!

Jen said...

Thanks so much Sharron. Depending on where in SLC your granddaughter lives, Kaysville is about 20-40 minutes north. Best wishes!

Nicole Eisenkrein said...

I am a grade six teacher in Alberta, Canada. We just finished The False Prince. Thank you for such an awesome read aloud. It was the longest novel I have ever read to my class, and they would beg me to read another chapter ... even during their lunch eating. What a hit! My students applauded at the end, and we've had many conversations about what will happen in book 2. My students are dying to know ... do you have a proposed date for book 2?
Thank you,
Nicole Eisenkrein
Namao School
Namao, Alberta

Jen said...

Nicole - Thank you so much for this kind feedback, and thank you for choosing my book to read to your class - what an honor that is.

Book 2 will be published in April 2013, and although I can't say anything about it yet, I can at least say that for Sage, things will get much worse!

All my best wishes...