Saturday, December 1, 2012

Signed Holiday Books!

I've had several inquiries recently from people who want signed copies of THE FALSE PRINCE for the holidays to give their son, daughter, sibling, best friend, teacher, great-grandmother, mailman...okay, not so much on the last two, but you get the idea.

For the record, I think it's about the best gift that anyone could give anyone, except maybe a ticket on the first commercial flight into space. However, my idea is cheaper. Also, this week, the New York Times named THE FALSE PRINCE one of its Notable Books of 2012. (Woo-hoo!) I'm pretty sure they didn't have anything to say about commercial space flight.

Anyway, a great and easy opportunity to get a signed copy is happening this week.

This Thursday (Dec 6) from 5 to 7 MST, I will be at my wonderful local indie, The King's English, in Salt Lake City. If you want to order a book online before then, they will have me sign and personalize it that night, then ship it out directly to you. Just like that, easy peasy!

Signed book. And you don't even have to leave the couch.

In fact, click here and it'll take you directly to their page for THE FALSE PRINCE.

You should also know there will be several other fabulous authors for signing there that night, including James Dashner, author of THE MAZE RUNNER series and Book 1 of the coolest multi-platform series ever to hit the shelves, THE INFINITY RING (Okay, I admit to a small self-interest in mentioning that last one. But it really is a cool series!).

If you're a local type, you should come and get your books signed in person. meet a lot of other wonderful authors, and enjoy some Christmas hors d'oeuvres. All books purchased at that event are 20% off. You can learn more about their holiday party event here.

Last but certainly not least, no matter what the title, please make sure every child you are buying for gets a book this holiday season. And when you buy, support your local indie. Because they support authors and opportunities like this one.


Cayla Aborqui said...

MEEEEPP! That Is AWESOME! I Wish I Could Get A Book Signed By You, And See The Greatest Author In Person! But I Don't Have Money,But If I did Get A Book Signed, I Would Make Sure i Get Burried With It! I Wish I Was Sage To Find A Way To Get There! Btw! I'm Only 13, AND I LOVE YOUR BOOK! Yes! We Kids Love Your Book Too, Not Just Old People! (okay not all adults are old,:P)

Anonymous said...

I'm 13, And I Love Your book! YES, We Kids Love You Book too! Not Just Old People! (Okay Not All Adults Are Old =P) I Wish I Could Get A Book Signed By You, But I'm So Poor I Can't Even Afford THe "R" In Poor, So I'm Poo =L, If I Had A Book signed By You ( THE GREATEST PERSON EVER!) I Would Have THe Book Burried With ME! I Wish I Was Sage To find A Way To Get A Book Signed... Hmm, I Should Start Planning For That >:D,

Anonymous said...
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Jen said...

I wish you could get one too, Cayla. Maybe one day we'll get that worked out!

Anonymous said...

:O YOU REPLIED AGAIN! I'M HAVING A HEART ATTACK! EEEP! I'm Now Gonna Be That One Chick Everyone Looks At The Comment And Think I'm Crazy, (HELLO People Thinking I'm Crazy, Guess Wut! I Am :P). If You Every Need A Groupie On Trips, I Got You Covered ;P Or I Could Sneak On Board.... Either Way Is Fine. (Hehehe)

Anonymous said...

Sorry, About All The COmments I Just Realized How This Commenting Thing Worked.

Anonymous said...

Is It True They Are Making A Movie?!!?!? Did They Get The Cast And All?!?!? :O I Must Know!

Anonymous said...

Can you please vist Texas?

Jen said...

I actually just was in Houston a couple of weeks ago. I think I might be back in Houston this October, but don't have other plans yet. If you'd like me to come - let your librarian at school know - maybe she can get me to come and visit your school!