Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fantastic Fan Art

This was sent to me over the summer by an amazing young artist named Milah C. Those of you who are familiar with THE FALSE PRINCE will undoubtedly recognize the characters in her art. (Sorry for the folds in the paper.)

Many thanks for sharing your talents with me, Milah! For this, I am a fan of yours.

To other student artists out there, if you ever want to share your fan art of my books, I'd love to see it, whether or not you wish for me to post it here!

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Anonymous said...

I Can Find Sage (The Cutest One- I Mean The One With 2 Designs) The Princess, THe Servent Mute Girl (Whose Name Skips Me At The Moment" The Rest I Can't REally Tell, But I THink Tobius Is THe One With Glasses.