Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday Update

I know, the title suggests that I regularly do a Monday update, but since I don't, this is really more of a multi-Monday update as I pull in some highlights from the last few weeks.


For those who write me asking about the sequel to Book 1, the second book of the Ascendance Trilogy is called THE RUNAWAY KING. It is up on Goodreads (with a plot summary) here, and available for pre-order on Amazon here. I think it won't be very much longer before I get to do a cover reveal!

GIVEAWAYS: is kindly hosting a giveaway of a signed copy of THE FALSE PRINCE as well as some signed book posters. You can find that and enter here through the rest of the month:

I will say that there's something like 11,000 entries, so it's getting to the point where there are sort of long odds on actually winning. If you don't happen to win, please feel free to buy a copy of the book somewhere and then email me and I'm happy to send you a bookplate and a poster if you remember to ask for one.


There's a lovely website called "The Best Books of" that creates various lists of best books for different categories. In a recent post, they listed THE FALSE PRINCE as one of the Best Children's Books of 2012.

But here's the best part! TFP also was listed as one of their best YA books too!


For the week ending September 2, TFP was on the Mountains and Plains Bestseller List. It squeaked in at #10, but considering that it's been out for six months, I was pretty darn pleased!


TFP recently sold rights to be published in Korean! This means that to date, these are the languages and their publishers:

  1. Catalan/ La Galera
  2. French/Bayard
  3. Korean/ Sang Sang Eui-Him
  4. Polish/ Egmont
  5. Portuguese (Brazil)/ Verus
  6. Russian/AST Astrel
  7. Spanish/Santillana
  8. Thai/ Nanmee

I'll put up another book some point. And that's a promise!


Lemuel Hernandez said...

Congratulations Miss Jen for making it on the YA and Children best books so far and I hope you will have more blessings to come. And I hope also April 2013 will come fast can't wait to read the 2nd book. :)

Natalie Aguirre said...

So excited for you. You so deserve it. The False Prince is fantastic. Can't wait till ARCs come out so I can beg your publisher for one. Do you have any idea when they'll come out?

Shelver 506 said...

I am currently bouncing up and down in anticipation of THE RUNAWAY KING. Please please please give all of us fans the thumbs up when ARCs are ready to go, okay?

Jen said...

Natalie, I'm not sure of an exact date for ARCs, but it should be soon. Feel free to beg at your convenience! (:

Random Comments said...

The cover's out on Amazon. Not sure if you've seen that.

Jen said...

Random Comments - you're right, it is up, though it's not a final cover and wasn't supposed to be posted yet. Thanks for the heads up, though!