Thursday, May 31, 2012


Okay, so let’s acknowledge a quirky little fun fact about publishing. Which is this: publishers sometimes change their minds. Funny, right? Not ha-ha funny, I know, but “I left a comment, now where’s my prize” sort of funny.

No worries. I’m still doing the giveaway, but I have to change the terms a little. Because yesterday afternoon I got a note from my wonderful publicist and editor (seriously, I love them both) asking me to hold off for a little while. So unfortunately, I can’t release that yet. My sincere apologies to all of you.

I do have permission to still release the title though – so to celebrate that, all comments below are eligible to win, and as before, all Tweets and Facebook posts continue to count as extra entries.

And as before, this contest ends on Friday, so please Tweet and Facebook the title of Book 2 for further extra entries to win a signed copy of THE FALSE PRINCE, and a grand prize of a donated Skype visit to the group of your choice.

So, let’s get to the title reveal (drum roll sounds off in your head). The second book of the Ascendance trilogy will be called:


Feel free to speculate on plot, and on the further adventures of your favorite characters. I’m allowed to say one thing only about the plot, which is this: For Sage, it gets worse.

Finally, as a favor to those who have not yet read Book 1, I’m asking you to please check your comments, tweets, and status updates for spoilers. I LOVE hearing chatter and answering questions about this series, but it’s so easy to accidentally reveal crucial pieces of that plot. Out of respect to other readers, please be careful.

The cover reveal is coming soon – I promise, along with jacket copy and a firm release date (all I know now is sometime in spring 2013).

I will announce the winners tomorrow! Thank you for reading, and thank you for sharing.


texasberries said...

My daughter and I cannot wait for The Runwaway King!!

Kimberley Griffiths Little said...

Cool Title, Jen! Can't wait to see your cover.

I just did a Cover Reveal this morning on my blog and Facebook. Got the go-ahead yesterday! Whew. Check it out. We'll both have Spring, 2013 books, too! Yay! ;-)

Lemuel Hernandez said...

The Runaway king

Hmm... somewhat contrasting from my idea what the next title of the book is, my guess for the next title of the book is The Fallen King.But I think the title of the next book (the Runaway King) will catch the interest of the readers and I think it will have an awesome story plot. I'm excited about your next book and I'm excited also what will be the color of your next book. Somehow I win that contest :) haha...

Ariell Larson said...

That sounds like a great title. So looking forward to reading it. I just posted about it on facebook.

Kara said...

*shared on facebook*
Thanks for the update, it's all good :) The title sounds awesome, looking forward to both books! Thanks again for this giveaway!
Kara Grant

Dawn and Wini book lovers said...

LoVE it!!!! When is it out?

Kara said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lauren@ The Housework Can Wait said...

Love, love LOVE the title. I already have guesses as to what will happen, but I don't want to spoil the AMAZING ending of Book 1, so I'll keep them to myself for not! Still guessing red for the cover though :-)

I'm tweeting and posting on FB!

Mr. H said...

The AFFL Reading Group
Just revealed the new book title. We are super excited to read book one as soon as our Scholastic order is shipped, it is being processed as I type.
Once we get book one finished we will start speculations on The Runaway King.

Nikkos said...

I wonder if Roden will come back into the plot. He would have to, or else Sage would have killed him. And I wonder if Imogen will be the queen

Lemuel Hernandez said...

I forgot to comment the link of my post in tweeter regarding this announcement: Here's the link

And I also shared it on facebook:)

I cannot wait for this book. And Hope I will win the contest about guessing the main color of the next book.:)haha...

Natalie Aguirre said...

So excited. I hope I can get an ARC.

I just posted about this on Facebook and links to your post.

Angel Chan said...

The Runaway King! That's just the main character. I can't wait!

+ 1 Facebook sharing
+ 1 Twitter

Brunelda said...

Funny after all that hard work with Sage I can't believe its called the runaway king.
Can't wait for it to come out

Brunelda said...

The Runaway King
After all the hard work in book one Sage this is hilarious

Amy Lei said...

I just happened to cross over this book in my school's library when i was looking for a book to read. i was really caught in by the book and i'm hoping the contest is going on because i really want to have a copy of "The false Prince". i can't wait until "The Runaway King" is out :D really hoping i get a copy of the book.