Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Upcoming Local Events

There's a lot coming up over the next few months, and so an update might be in order. If you're a local, or might consider becoming a local for a few days, here are places to find me!

* This weekend, February 9-11, I will be a panelist at the "Life, Universe, and Everything" (LTUE conference at Utah Valley University. The Thursday panel will be about creating conflict, Friday's panel is called, "You've Written Your Book, Now What?" And on Saturday, I'll be talking about breaking into the market. I'll also be part of the mass book signing on Friday evening and will be doing a reading Saturday at noon.

This is a great conference, and mostly I'm excited to meet a bunch of new people. Please come and say hi if you're there!

* On March 17, the Rock Canyon writers of Utah will be hosting the Writing for Charity Conference. Here's the official pitch, which is better worded than I'd do on my own:

Have your writing critiqued by professional authors ON SITE! Fabulous
workshops! Very affordable! Lunch provided! A silent auction with
amazing things to bid on....all donated by the authors.
Items include advance copies of novels, lunch with authors,
manuscript critiques, andmuch more! Come schmooze with
writers for a great cause--putting books inthe hands of underprivileged
children. March 17, 2012 (that's St.Patrick's Day) at the Historic Provo Library.
Check out the website formore information: www.writingforcharity.blogspot.com

I'll be on some panels there and will probably be teaching a class on character psychology. I'd love to see you there!

* On March 26, I will be finally, finally launching THE FALSE PRINCE. I'm not sure exactly where or when yet, but I'l be announcing the details soon! But please do reserve the date and please, please do come!

* On April 12, Davis County Schools will host a literacy night (location and time still TBD) with eighteen local authors. Although this is primarily for Davis School District students, the event is free and open to everyone, so I'd love to see you there!

* On May 4 and 5, I'll be teaching a class on middle grade writing at the LDS Storymakers Conference. Registration is now open.

And if you're out of town, and intend to stay that way, I have other things in the works, so please watch my website for announcements.

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