Monday, September 26, 2011

Road Trip, Day 1

I visited two fabulous schools today - the Imagine School in Avondale and the Center for Educational Excellence in Tempe. The children at both were wonderful and asked great questions. Look at the cute sign waiting for me in front of the CEE!

Here's a closeup of someone's re-creation of the artwork.

Then I did a signing tonight at the Barnes and Noble in Chandler. Many thanks to the a
wesome staff who kept everything running so smoothly, and thanks also to the kids and their families who came to the event.

To everyone I met today - I hope you enjoy the books and I hope we'll meet again soon!

Also, since who knows when I might decide to blog again (soon, I hope. Big announcement coming...), please stop by R.L. LaFevers and Mary Hershey's "Shrinking Violets" website where I guest blogged about how to do a public reading. Considering what I spent all day doing, the timing was perfect! Click here to read it.

For now, I'm tired. But looking forward to more fun tomorrow!

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