Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Rules of Personality

I recently did a guest blog post for John Brown's website. I'd love for you to check it out here. It's an explanation of some of the basic rules of personality, which is for writers to use in creating believable characters.

The rules are part of a larger presentation I give about how writers can use a basic understanding of the rules of psychology to understand their own characters. The presentation is partially based on several years of experience working with teens who are sent to wilderness camp. These are kids who for whatever reason find themselves in a difficult place in life. Coincidentally, our characters are also in similar circumstances - not necessarily in their actual situations, but certainly in a place of life upheaval.

If you're interested, definitely check out John Brown's site. And if you want to know more, I'll post when and where I'll be giving this presentation in the future!


Sharron said...

You always teach so well! I met you last November at an SCBWI meeting in SLC. I'm from Ohio. You were most kind.

On my blog, I have started a 'list' of the best speakers I've heard and you are right up there.

Thanks again. Hoping to hear another of your great talks. Perhaps someday, we'll meet at a national SCBWI meeting!

Jen said...

Thanks Sharron. I remember you so well, and I appreciate your kind comments here. If I'm very lucky, perhaps one day I can visit your local SCBWI! Hugs!