Sunday, April 13, 2008


Remember Pixie Sticks?  You just dumped them in a pile and the whole goal was to pick one up without moving the other.

Yeah, I was never very good at that.

So now I'm doing the writer's version of pixie sticks, which is to say that in the process of trying to get published, and trying to do it the best way possible, I've got a whole lot of "sticks" laying on the ground.  Which to pick up first?

Query agents, right?  Well, maybe first I should have a website to show how professional I am.  Hmm, maybe I should have a blog so there can actually be some website content (yep, you're reading it).  Or maybe those are distractions from the actual goal of getting my manuscript in front of an agent.  So maybe I should join that online critique group to perfect my chapters before querying.  But of course, they're asking for my blog and website addresses.  And once I join, I'll be busy reviewing other people's writing so I can get mine reviewed.

Everyone knows the querying process usually moves on par with glaciers.  So maybe I should work on the next manuscript so my writing skills stay sharp.

I guess the point is that for a person as neurotic as me, prioritizing my writing goals is really key.  Here's out it shakes out.

1.  Join the online writing group tomorrow.  Begin critiquing and accepting critiques.

2.  Look for more topics to blog about.

3.  Work on some contest entries (just thought I'd throw that in the mix).

4.  Get used to the ride, because it won't get any easier down the road!

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Syl said...

Perhaps you mean "pick-up sticks"? Perhaps I'm being a real jerk by pointing that out.

But the idea of dumping a whole bunch of pixie sticks on the floor was a great image. All that sugary candy powder.